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Hardcore fan of Tech N9ne.
I went to the Tech N9ne show the other night. The crowd consisted of 90% juggalos and 10% Technicians.
by devil on the shoulder May 25, 2009

Tech N9ne himself said "Juggalos Kotton Mouth Kings and Queens Gangbangers Metal Heads the College Kids and everything in between they love when Tech spittin know hes the best rippin blessed this one when all of these titles can = Technician!!"
Crowd of people,

"Together we are, a powerfull force,
as one mind body and soul!
Let no evil enter nor attempt to reduce us because of the beliefs we hold!
And with this love combinded with our strengths we ward off pain and stress!
Technician I am, whole heartedly. In life and in death"

Joe "WTF was that"
Sam "That was just the Technicians saying their pledge"
Joe "Are they about to go do something crazy?"
Sam "No, they are about the only people left on earth doing anything sane" "It might be a little dark and dirty where they are going though. Good luck to them"
by Technician67 November 17, 2011

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