Surprise Body. Pronounced "sib." A girl whose body is a lot better than you thought it would be without clothes on.

From Aaron Karo's RUMINATIONS (

-I love hooking up with SBs (pronounced “sibs” and short for “surprise body”). There’s nothing like taking a girl’s J.Crew rollneck off and discovering that underneath all that wool was a six-pack and two cannons. My first reaction (that is, after exclaiming “Yahtzee!”) is to suck in my own stomach, which suddenly doesn’t look so hot in comparison. Often times, a SB is also a “wideclops” – a girl whose eyes are too far apart. You can tell you’re talking to a wideclops when you can only look her in the eye one at a time. This is of course very distracting – which is why later their bodies are such a surprise.
by karofan2005 November 07, 2005
one time i was smoking with my friends, over here at that place. we were smokin a blunt. so by the time we finish, i see my friends hat. it said "SB" on it. i don't know what it stands for. so when i realize that we are almost done with the blunt, i remembered my other friend rolled another blunt before we smoked. so i looked at my friend's hat that said "SB", then started laughing. i pointed at his head and said...
"hahahahahahahahahahahaha..... your hat says "SB". hat said "so?" and i said "that means second blunt."
by fukinsmart December 16, 2004
A girl with small boobs... definition means small booobs
geeze you have small boobs
by Kourtland Wenger July 09, 2004
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