shortened form of somebody.
I was talkin to sb yesterday.
by m0 April 19, 2008
SB: abb. for "Stoney Baloney"... The state of mind one can reach through the act of smoking marijuana. One can identify if stoney boloney is reached through the following; uncontrollable giggling/laughing, inability to finish complete sentences because you can't remember what you were talking about, the need to consume any/all food around you, etc.
This abbreviation is often used in public to avoid using the word "stoney," thus reducing the paranoia experienced when one is "SB."

There are varying degrees of "stoniness" with SB being the lowest of the "stoney" levels. The levels are as follows:

SB - Stoney Baloney
SC - Stoney Comatose
SD - Stoney Dead

SC - "Stoney Comatose" at which point you feel like you can't really move or speak because of extreme laziness. However, if someone reeeeeally tries hard, s/he can get him/herself to express hunger or to stumble over to a bed to lay down. Oftentimes plans to go to a party or a bar are cancelled because even if it's only 9:30pm, it feels sooooooo late and driving somewhere else sounds sooooooooooooooo far.

SD - "Stoney Dead" is when you literally can't move or talk... when someone talks to you, you sort of give them a glazed gaze and ask "what did you say?" And even if they repeat what they said, you can't really comprehend what they are saying because your short-term memory can only remember things from 2 seconds ago, nothing more. One can identify someone who is "SD" when they aren't moving, and they can't speak or remember much of the event in a day or two.

And then there is one more optional level of stoniness:

ST - "Stoney Ticklish"
This level is reached almost at any level of stoneiness--SB, SC, or SD. ST is when someone who ordinarily is not ticklish or already is a very ticklish person reaches a stoney level and resultingly becomes uuuuuuber ticklish to the point of frantically giggling, begging, and hysterically screaming and laughing when tickled. Oftentimes someone who is ST will scream a phrase repeatedly through their laughing such as "OK! OK! OK! OK!" or "Wait! Wait Wait! Wait!" or "No! No! No! No!" or "Not THERE! NOT THERE! NOT THERE!"
The first signs of being ST are when your hands and feet start to tingle and feel super responsive to any touch. When someone is ST, usually the other people in the room take full advantage of his/her newly arrived stoney ticklishness because it's toooooo funny to watch them wiggling around, laughing and screaming out funny utterances while super high.
Hey D and K, let's go get super SB tonight!

Oh remember that party we were at the other night and we were suuuuuuuper SB?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
D: Hey it's 10:00pm already, let's go!
K: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but i can't move, it's sooooooooooo tiring. And the bar sounds sooooooooo faaaaaaar. I can't make it! Go on without me, save yourself!
D: Come on! It's still early! Let's go!
K: uhhhh... Sleeeeepy. ... hungry... i need another hit!
D: Wow, you are SC!!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

D: Hey, remember the other night at that party?
K: Oh, was that Tuesday night?... yeah, i was waay SD that night... so no

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dude! You guys were so bad the other night. I was SOOOOOOO ST and all of you ganged up on me.
by K&D&K April 09, 2008

Stinky, smelly, rotten, gruesome example of a human being

also: MSB- Maximum Scumbag, USB- Uber Scumbag
wow check out the SB'S sitting in front of stewarts

wow SB's go back to your shit hole you call a house!
by pooplip March 21, 2008
SB is an abbreviation that commonly refers to the term "Shout Box" on websites such as PWNED.COM.
Dropkickdog is such a N00b. All he does is idle in the SB all day asking people to play CS:S and Team Fortress 2.
by Clov3r March 14, 2008
SB= Silence Bitch. Short term for telling someone to shut the hell up.
Mrs.Yeat wrote on the chalkboard a math problem. She heard some noise in the background of her. "Please be quiet class" she said. The talking went on. "I said could you please be quiet." The talking stopped and Mrs. Yeat went on with writing the math problem on the board. Then she heard laughing. By this point Mrs.Yeat was pissed off. "I SAID SB OR IMA WHIP EVERY LAST ONE OF YALL ASSES!" To bad one of the kids knew what sb meant, but that still would'nt have stopped her from getting fired.
by Larenta August 10, 2007
an acronym created by two teenage girls. originally named to mean "Spoiled Brat", but now can mean anything from "Splattered Brains" to "Shitty Bitch" to "Shi Bal". Refers to a certain girl whose initials are A.M.K, but can be used by anyone to name any similar poser-like bitch.
"There was that one time when SB dragged me on a date with her fat boyfriend and lied to her mom that I was with my 'boyfriend' too, OTL.
by herebutGONE December 28, 2009
Skinny bastard. the corrosponding scale to measure the quality of skinny bastardness begins with -10 being complete skinny bastard, has 0 in the middle signifying average and 10 on the opposite end of the spectrum meaning fattass. SBness does in no way measure weight or BMI just apperance and is completely qualitative
sean fischer is such an sb omg dude hes like a -9 at least.

that model is one sb.

Dan your such an sb what are you gonna do? exactly. just shutup
by danelmag September 23, 2007

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