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n. meaning a female who causes emotional, mental, or physical harm to a person through manipulation and self indulgence. By making said person do things out of charater in a self harming fashion.
Angelina Jolie is a shitty bitch to Brad Pitt everytime she is the cause of him doing things that are "charitable" or "helpful" to other people.
by G.F.A. March 17, 2008
people who piss me of by their crappy actions
"you shitty bitches"
by mrs squarrell March 02, 2004
An interjection that combines both "shit" and "bitch", thereby giving it high status in the world of profanity.
Guy 1: Dude, I did you mom.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!

Guy 1: Your girlfriend's fuckin' ugly.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!

Guy 1: 2-dollar whores are better than 10-dollar whores.
Guy 2: Shittybitch!
by aman13 December 18, 2010
foul smelling odor, originated in eg
damn that bop brandes smells like shitty bitch
by count bopula October 16, 2007
an expression used in times of frustration.
SHITTY BITCHES! i just dropped my placenta burger on the ground!
by Colin May 08, 2005