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Bengali slang for pubic hairs. Also used to call very close friends. Most common word among buddies.
Ke re bal, kamon achis?? means: How r u dude??
Tui amar bal. means: U r like my pubic hairs.
Balershwar-bal, horidash pal. means: U geek, don't act oversmart.
My bal is far better than u...
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
Bal ; pronounced, like Al, yet with the b in front. Originated in the small hamlet of Edmonton, Alberta.Bal is a term that can be used to substitute any word in any sentence, or language. it is also used as a ploy to catch weary idiots off guard, by saying it randomly in a sentence or just a single word, bal is very useful to cause a common laughter, or confusion.
pron; "b-ha-l".
yo just twist my bal?
why you gotta throw your bal into this situation.
today i grabbed the biggest bal.
by drcoolxxx July 11, 2010
Pubic Hair
The Substitute of FUCK in Bengali.
I had a Bal game last night.
BAL!!! I can't solve this problem.
by bangla vai January 05, 2008
pubic hairs
bal chirchis: meaning what were u doing? plucking your pubic hairs?
by deepanjan November 09, 2003
Bal is a shorted way of saying barry. And barry is another word for div.
What you doing? you fucking barry (bal)
by Barry Mcwiggen November 16, 2011
Abbreviation of Bark A Laugh. The act of letting out one loud laugh in response to something funny you see or hear. Usually used on social networking sites and internet chats.
Leon: "Dude did you hear James got jocked on front of everyone at school today?"

Jesse: "BAL! that's so funny."
by Ssuzzy December 01, 2011
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