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1. the act of putting things off for later
2. the act that 97.466% of all people are committing this very second
3. i'll tell you later...
4. .........
Fake Procrastinator) Hey, you should join the "procrastination" group on Facebook! I just did!
True Procrastinator) Maybe tomorrow...
by herebutGONE January 02, 2010
an acronym created by two teenage girls. originally named to mean "Spoiled Brat", but now can mean anything from "Splattered Brains" to "Shitty Bitch" to "Shi Bal". Refers to a certain girl whose initials are A.M.K, but can be used by anyone to name any similar poser-like bitch.
"There was that one time when SB dragged me on a date with her fat boyfriend and lied to her mom that I was with my 'boyfriend' too, OTL.
by herebutGONE December 28, 2009

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