A fag. A wannabe model/gangster who doesnt have what it takes for either. Notorious for having gay haircuts. May pretend to be of hispanic heritage when not.
dude1- haha did u see tht sb?
dude2- yea hes such a poser.
by Jason928 December 25, 2007
1. Strong Bad
2. Having to do with Strong Bad.
3. What SB must stand for; See "Stong Bah".
1. "SB is fwickin' awesome."
2. "That is SO SB."
3. "SB. Oh, SB. That must stand for Stong Bah."
by T3h barninat3r September 21, 2003
a female with a very sloppy or saggy buttox.
Ayo ma nigga, dat bitch got a, SB NIGGA!!!!!!!!
by s-dot c-oder March 10, 2008
Skate Board
My lobster hasnt talked to me since I lost his mother's, Brother's, Cousin's, uncle's, third grandsone's, dad's, mom's,second lesbian experiance woman's brother's SB.
by Bill Buclebottom June 30, 2005
SB- Santa Barbara, a rich beach town in California, 2 hours north of LA. Hot, surfer guys and girls hang out at the beach everyday wearing little, the likes of Oprah, Brad and Jen live there. Things to do in SB: party at UCSB and IV (Isla Vista) (CA known party spot), shop, surf, shop, got to the beach, and shop. Unless you have a gorgeous body and blonde hair you will be deemed an outsider!
Let's go party in SB!
Damn that girl is HOT, she must be from SB!
Shit she's a bitch, she must be from SB
by Kay February 28, 2005
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