Disease created by the chinese, when trying to create biological weapons that they couldn't contain. Media won't say that though.
The biochemical canister exploded, and all the chinese scientists got SARS.
by AvengerXP June 08, 2003
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a highly contagious, highly dangerous stain of influenza that has caused numerous deaths in and around the Pacific Rim, particularly in China and the Korean Peninsula. Recently located in Vancouver, Canada and other areas as well.
by Dan May 29, 2003
Sudden Acute Resiratory Syndrome, which the media has blown way out of proportion just to scare people who are stupid enough to worry about it. Hey it's safe to go to Toronto you fools, ow wait you'll get SARS!!! LOL!!!
Dude SARS is gonna get you next, oh wait, no it won't!!!
by Shanomac May 20, 2003
Short for 'sexy arse'.
Damn, that girl has some sars.
by Johnny May 19, 2003
Severe Acute Respirtory Syndrom
Another word for pneumonia that people overexaggerate
by desboot May 18, 2003

Basically used to diss robot games such as Mech Warrior and Armored Core
by AC May 18, 2003
(S)evere (A)cute (R)acing (S)yndrome.. Some of the symtoms include, abnormal police attention, excessive ticketing, suspension of drivers license, and cancellation of insurance.
I can't drive tonight, I got fucked by SARS again!
by heineken May 18, 2003

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