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A small town smack bang in the midlands. It couldn't be more central if it tried. Full of pound shops, chairty shops and take aways. oh and elements. literally the only (no word of a lie) place to go on a night out.

Hinckley is famous for it's hosiery, which is ironic as none of the females here wear knickers, less alone stockings.

The culture of hinckley consists of early teenage pregnancy, alcoholism and violence. As a standard thursday/saturday night you are guaranteed to see a fight where the riot police are ready pounce usually outside turkish not so delight.

However Hinckley isn't at all that bad, in comparison to it's neighbouring towns. Nuneaton, Barwell and Earl Shilton
Guy 1: Where on earth can i find an STI?
Guy 2: Hinckley.
by B&Jmassive January 06, 2011
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