A plague sent by the gods of freedom to bring death and destruction upon the miserable citizens of Toronto.
And the Lord looked down and saw the butt-fucking going on in the land of Canada, and sayeth unto them, "Let there be a disease that makes you cough, and let it kill 2% of the people who come down with it."
by chimara27 June 12, 2003
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a.k.a Special Administrative Region Syndrome
Don't eat that cat!
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
Canned Drink in New Zealand. Sales have skyrocketed!!

It's actually sarsaparilla
Gimme a pack of B&H 20's and a can of SARS, bro.
by DonkeyPuncher May 23, 2003
To see something owned by a female.
She tried to look at my answer sheet but instead I caught her. Later on, when she wasn't paying attention, I sars. She had all the answers wrong.
by fidificus April 30, 2003
1. Sick Artists Representing Style.
2. Selfish Assholes Rocking Socks
3. The most unfuckwitable crew in the universe.
"Don't fuck with him, dog, he's SARS."
"You saw that new shit by destroya.SARS?"
"Golly we're gully."
by destroya April 23, 2003
slang for sorry. "sors" wouldnt be pronounced right.
Dude, I'm totally sars that I ran over your dog.
by flowwmasta June 25, 2006
Some "diesease" the media thinks will take over the world. Some "diesease" the governments think they have under control. Some "diesease" from Asia. Yet another one.
you are watching TV
Government officials: We now have SARS under control.
you change the channel
News anchor: There were 8 new cases of SARS today in Taiwan. Here, there were only 2 probable cases. There's a difference you know.
You: Oh.
by scientificprogressgoesboink June 16, 2003

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