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1. The fourth outermost planet of the Terran-Solar-System. Mars is nicknamed the "Red Planet"; It's red color is the result of great amount of iron oxide FeO2 (rust) in the planet's soil. Mars is a cold, dusty, dry place. Water exist only in frozen caps at the poles. Simple life may have once lived there when it was warmer and wetter. Mars has a very thin atmoshphere which does not protect it well from radiation or meteors. Mars is named after the Roman go of war (the Greek god was Ares)

2. Chocolate company that makes M&Ms.

3. The assumed location of a student who is "spacing out" or daydreaming in school.
1. An international manned mission to mars is expected between 2030 and 2050. The U.S. currently has two robotic rovers Spirit & Opportunity exploring the surface, searching for clues to the planet's past.

2. Mars makes great candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands.

3. Dialogue Example -
Teacher: Ted. Ted? Ted?!
Ted: *looks dazed* Huh?
Teacher: The class is on problem 23. Where were you? Mars?
by Yobastank October 21, 2004
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A city in Alabama!
"And I should know! I'm from MARS!"

"No you're not!"

"Uh?...Mars, Alabama; I founded three colleges there. ^_^' "
by Dave March 30, 2004
French slang for Marseille, France
"Les rues sales du centre ville de Mars est mon turf" -IAM
by lenev August 16, 2006
Cool, confident and extremely cocky.

Extremely well-rounded who excels in several factors in life such as a nice body, intelligence, witty, humorous, likable, has a hot girl.

Has alot of experience in life.
I wanna be like Mar. He does have it set in life.
by homi3don7playdat January 28, 2012
Where we are going to have to move to if Earth keeps on going the way it is right now.
Person 1: Earth is so corrupt that we have to move to Venus!

Person 2: Venus is too hot, we'll have to move to Mars instead!
by SuperFroMan January 08, 2009
Added to the end of a sentence instead of "not". Basically makes the sentence prior to 'mar' mean the opposite.
Person A: poor joke
Person B: lol mar

denotes that Person B does not in fact find the joke humorous

"I like your haircut mar"
This person does not like the haircut. In fact, they probably think it is ridiculous. 'mar' is used instead of 'not' as it is much less commonly known.
by hildagaarde June 23, 2009
The First and best movement of Gustav Holst's Planet Suite. You kind of get a feeling when you listen to it to pick up a weapon and go to war.
Mars is the most amazing planet because of the two euphonium solos.
by MCREE August 03, 2007
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