S tudents
A gainst
R iding
S oused
The SARS Group is picking us up at the club at 2:30. Right after I call 222-MUCH.
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
Slang terminology reserved for a growing fashion trend, mostly popular amongst the Asian countries, in which surgical masks are worn with any attire, be it formal or casual.
Man, my SARS gear is whack, I saw a man on 5th Street with a graphic print mask!
by jme May 24, 2003
All the lame jokes that attempt to link SARS to anti-Asian racism. See other definitions here, lame late-night talk shows, and whereever ignorance can be found.
by HotBlondie May 20, 2003
A group of deadly asian stalker girls that hot guys everywhere have to watch out for.
On a dark and gloomy day, I, a hot guy, spot a SARS stalking me!!
by JP4 October 24, 2006
severe acute respiratory system

the sars epidemic couldve been lies
couldve stood for S.hould A.sians R.eally S.urvive
yo hes asian he has sars run nigga
by 9D1 January 15, 2006
Super new Aids Revolution, Son!
by e-die May 20, 2003
Shit Ass Rotten Sickness.
Dandelions spread faster than SARS, but everyone thinks it goes at a googolplex miles per hour.
by TanooKirby May 17, 2003

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