Jon Jenne has SARS, since he is a super stupid retard ass.
by carol dupuis May 19, 2003
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Slang terminology reserved for a growing fashion trend, mostly popular amongst the Asian countries, in which surgical masks are worn with any attire, be it formal or casual.
Man, my SARS gear is whack, I saw a man on 5th Street with a graphic print mask!
by jme May 24, 2003
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Not a virus! thats S-ARS
sars.... a legendary chap , who dwells in the wee hide out of the hinckley borough , he makes his claim 2 fame simply by being a 1 of a kind chap , geniuine , honest and true

if u ever find such a legendary being , then hold it close in your own warmth , and relise wat u have may never be captured again , so look after and maintain as best as u can!
by Me adam February 03, 2010
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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a.k.a Special Administrative Region Syndrome
Don't eat that cat!
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
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All the lame jokes that attempt to link SARS to anti-Asian racism. See other definitions here, lame late-night talk shows, and whereever ignorance can be found.
by HotBlondie May 20, 2003
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A plague sent by the gods of freedom to bring death and destruction upon the miserable citizens of Toronto.
And the Lord looked down and saw the butt-fucking going on in the land of Canada, and sayeth unto them, "Let there be a disease that makes you cough, and let it kill 2% of the people who come down with it."
by chimara27 June 12, 2003
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ur mom-DUDE gnarly barrels we can shred today
me-can't today brah sar
by yyoouurr mmoomm September 20, 2010
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