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A play with music and dancing in it.
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
Beauty and The Beast
by mum December 14, 2003
A play or movie that contains musical numbers.
Often broadway shows. Include annoyingly good songs like Oklahoma, which is educational because it teaches us that oklahoma is spelled "O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a" and some other showtunes
I've been in countless musicals. My first one was Oklahoma! Like you care...
by Liz March 05, 2004
A great thing on this good green earth. One of the most entertaining enjoyable things to watch or be apart of. They are very wonderful no matter what there about. You could write a musical about potatoes and watch it and enjoy it. I myself watched a musical about a white boy gang and a Mexican gang that ballet danced in Brooklyn. I loved it
Musicals are my forth favorite thing in the universe!
by befriended by loyal lunatics February 02, 2016
A group of songs looped together to form a story. Whether it is actually coherant or not can be formed in one's own interpretation.
Have you ever seen that musical?
by Sara A. July 21, 2006
To describe the style of earbuds that are left dangling outside a shirt, jacket, or similar garment.
The result resembles a pair of testicles.
Sam: Yo Eddy, it looks like your musicals are hanging a bit low.
Eddy: Man, not again. Here, just lemme adjust them.
by DocRockCockMcSpock July 24, 2012
another name for a drama production
into the woods was a great musical
by corie June 20, 2004
quickly and repeatedly switching from one thing to another
Those kids tell tales of musical jobs when they never worked in their lives.
by The Return of Light Joker May 11, 2009
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