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An incredible trio of guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass, and voice (Rush). Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart all project a fabulous mixture of these instruments by using their abilities to create magic in their music. They have an honest, strong, and powerful sound that will grab you by the heart and never let go. True Rush fans can only understand the meaning of the lyrics and what "Rush" really works for. They are not the typical band that goes into the music industry just to make money and be popular...but they do it for the fans and the enjoyment of influencing other people with their songs. Everyone should listen to Rush! Neil Pearts lyrics have so much value and meaning that it will spin your head in all different directions.

-They are mostly categorized under Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, and in the earlier years (1970's) ...were known for a crunchy Metal sound. All three members are from Canada. Lifeson and Lee still currently live there, but Peart now lives in northern California.

- Peart born: September 12, 1952 (1952-09-12) (age 57)

- Lifeson (Alexandar Zivojinovich) born: August 27, 1953 (age 56)

- Lee (Garry Lee Weinrib) born: July 29, 1953 (age 56)
Wow, Rush has an amazing sound and really works hard to put on a kick ass show!
by k2a1t1i2e July 01, 2010
23 8
Classic Megaman's robotic dog. Can obtain the ability to morph into a variaty of forms. Including a spring, a Jetboard, and a suit of armor with a detachable rocket arm and jet pak.
"R.U.S.H. Armor!"
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004
48 33
the only reason i have any respect at all for canada

practically perfect in every way. the best live show i have EVER SEEN!!!!!
rush fan: hey man, leave canada the fuck alone. don't you know they begat rush?

canada insulter:uhhhhh, what does begat mean?

rush fan: begat....y'know like 'mary begat jesus' and all that.

canda insulter: you sacriligious bastard!!

rush fan: hey, if you listened to rush you might have a better vocabulary....although i must admit 'sacriligious' really isn't too shabby
by fleursdeslis April 05, 2010
19 5
a person who thinks they are sooo sick, and will tell outragous stories that didn't happen. A Rush will also be spotted grabbing pine at hockey and baseball games (duster/grocerystick), and is natorious for mooching food off people. Do not expect acts of kindness from a Rush.
look at that kid rocking pine, what a Rush.
by whatadangle March 15, 2010
18 10
butyl acetate, inhalant, comes in small brown bottle inhale the fumes out but very small watch out. its stupid dont do it not worth paying for.
"you want a hit of rush?"
by lamer March 31, 2003
32 29
The process for college students of getting into a sorority or fraternity.
How many girls in your dorm are rushing?
by Jadeite July 24, 2011
5 3
The initial, or beginning part of a cocaine or heroin high when injected or smoked.
What you sometimes get when you stand up to fast after sitting down too long
A feeling in the head sometime accompanied by beels whistles and stars.
Man I almost went under after that hoot. What a rush.
by Ken November 29, 2002
25 24