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No not one of the Two! He is the best drummer that ever lived. As Gene Krupa once said " There are lots of Great drummer in the world, then theirs Buddy Rich". HES IN HIS OWN LEAGUE
by Dez March 08, 2005
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Arguably one of the two greatest drummers in the history of music.
The other being Gene krupa.
Buddy Rich could do that with one hand tied behind his back and both eyes shut!
by The Brick September 25, 2004
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The greatest drummer to have ever walked the earth, hands down.
Buddy is the reason why 95% percent of drummers started playing. Myself included.

(look him up on
I saw a Buddy Rich video when I was about 4 years old, I've been playing ever since.
After these 15 years that percussion has been in my life, I still look up to him as my god.
by asdfsa November 25, 2007
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