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Without question, the best band ever. Lyrics are rad. Sound is rad. Overall the band is just radtastic.
Members: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart.

Currently on Snakes and Arrows tour.

The lyrics have a greater meaning. Listening to their songs words is like reading a life changing book.

The sound is unlike any other band. It is simply amazing. If you have never listened to Rush go do it. Now.
person 1: Did you go to that Rush concert last night?
person 1: YES it was frigen rad.
person 1: I know. Did you hear that drum solo?
person 2: OH MY GOD YES. They were on frigen fire
person 1: God I am getting hard just thinking about them they are so good =]
by acdcrulesalot July 17, 2008

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