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v. when the police breakup a party
The grad night party got rolled, so I decided to come here.
by Tina M. November 10, 2005
Some one who rollerblades(agressive inline) Also known as a roller
John: Do you roll dawg?
Pete: Yea...Ima hardcore roller!
by HardCoreRoller191 May 22, 2007
Flab around the hips, esp. when too tight trousers are worn.
Ahhh! Look at the size of my roll!
by =H October 17, 2005
To bowl.
I 'n' I naw roll on Shabbas, mon.
by Safran May 07, 2003
like you went somewhere
We rolled to tha crib.
by Heather April 13, 2005
A women's folds of labial flesh
"I need a little hot dog on my roll"
by blueshound April 22, 2004
1. To prepare various drugs for use.
2. To go somewhere in style.
3. A slab of fat on a person, sometimes with small animals living under it.
1. Roll that blunt for me, dogg!
2. Let's roll!
3. Eww! That girl probably has mice living in her rolls!
by matt October 22, 2003