To describe some thing as good or cool. Normally used to describe a noun such as clothing or hair.
Dude, your skidz are too roll!
by Gracey bee January 15, 2007
To roll means going about your business, sometimes illegal.
'I guess that how they roll'- Means i guess thats what they do.
by Emxx February 20, 2006
1. A type of bread
2. Megaman's baby sister
1. Pass the roll, please.
2. My favorite character in Marvel vs. Capcom is Roll.
by ChoujinkiMetalder July 05, 2005
Pickpocket Slang: To be robbed without your knowing or pick-pocketed.
We got rolled by that woman in crowd!
by Andrew123 June 05, 2005
"roll" can be used to describe the act of a pipe, chillum, joint, blunt or any other pot-smoking device staying lit so you don't have to keep lighting it when you pass it around.
"Did you see that? That joint rolled so good!"


"I just got this new pipe... it rolls like a dream."
by ready? okay! April 10, 2008
Everything that is crap about rock music. Was discarded when rock and roll became rock, what's left over is roll.
The ugly, unintelligent stepsister of rock. Bands that are singularly terrible who often consider themselves to be rock, are, in fact, roll musicians.
Often musicians who have been confined to the roll genre due to their lack of musical ability, have put up a brave face, pretending that roll is something to be proud of, much like raunch culture.
"Yo man, Nickelback is seriously roll man, you better not go see them. It'll ruin your cred."

Todd was really into roll music. He thought he was so cool, and he had "roll pride." However he was in fact an idiot with terrible music taste.
by LudicrousLouisa May 02, 2008
a drug like weed rolled up in something that it can be smoked in.
"hey quit hoggin the roll"
by jammed February 14, 2007
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