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4 definitions by HawaiianHero

1. Used in the past tense has having been beaten badly.
a. Used a lot in the online gaming community similarly to pwned or owned
b. Also in reference to a competition.
2. Referring in the past tense to an act in martial arts, mainly MMA and BJJ, meaning a light warm up of grappling/wrestling.
1. a. We were scrimming a cal-i team and got rolled.
b. We played Mountain View in football last week and we rolled them.

2. I hadn't practiced in a while so one of the white belts rolled with me to warm up.
by HawaiianHero November 03, 2006
The creator of brazilian jiu jitsu bjj, whose family has been a legacy in the world of marial arts and whos name is synonomous with mma and known through out ufc. Helio also has the longest fight on record of over 30 min non stop.
Gracie jiu jitsu is the best, it was created by Hélio Gracie.
by HawaiianHero November 06, 2006
Drug refference to black tar heroin
wanna go smoke some BT.
by HawaiianHero November 07, 2006
Vale-tudo (anything goes) Similarly to MMA competitions and now used to describe the rules of the bout. A style of fighting in itself. The term vale tudo comes from the name of a television show that aired in Brazil. The show was a telecast of style-versus-style fights hosted by Hélio Gracie, which later changed into a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, bjj, tournament followed by the winner taking on an ivited fighter of some other style in a vale tudo match.

Can be used to explain gear and equipment in MMA.
If we are going to fight i want it to be a vale tudo match.

Are those vale tudo gloves.
by HawaiianHero November 03, 2006