A women's folds of labial flesh
"I need a little hot dog on my roll"
by blueshound April 22, 2004
To play a game of t-low.
Dude, let's fucking roll!
by y-mac November 01, 2004
A human being's (usually female) skin that overlaps and resembles long bread products.
"Man, that girl has more rolls than a bakery!"
by Ja Red September 14, 2004
Short for a Rolls-Royce automobile. Very expensive.
"Yo check out him in his new Rolls."
by IceWarm February 05, 2004
Lets roll that mother fucker.
Lets make him throw down.
by phlux December 03, 2002
Rolls-Royce, the pride of motoring. The worlds most sought-after and prestigous brand of car. Unlike most ferrari's they retain a lot of their value decades after manufacture and don't start rattling above 40mph.
Bring out the Rolls....
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
term used to show affection for a cute fat person.
hey rolls! I haven't talked to you in so long!
by Karolyn May 01, 2005

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