Really Off Fucking Lisa
Friend: Where you at? dials your cell #
You: I'm ROFL
by Joske August 23, 2005
Riding Old Freaky Lesbians.
Such as: My car wouldn't start, so I began ROFL to work.
by Guymandude February 24, 2005
Abbreviation for "rolling on the flour laughing".
Mostly used while chatting or gaming.
rofl that's really funny.
by Wouter B. September 03, 2005
it is lol but more funnier
for lol :
man - i fell over

woman - lol

for rofl

man - i shit my pants

woman - rofl
by lysander March 31, 2003
a term that is so funny whenever used in conversation, the conversation becomes remotely interesting

only countered by "no u"
Ed: yeah so i'm adopted
john: rofl n33b

bill: i saw your mum working the corner ROFL
denzel: no u
bill: FUCK
by taller than u kk ty February 04, 2009
Righteous Owners of Flagrant Lice
Rice Otters Fish for Lashings
Rioting Other Fucking Losers
Ryan's Orgasms Fill Laura
Resin Oriented Floss Loops
Rose Oil Floods Lake
Reeses Ornate Fluky Laws
Randy Overloads Foosh Lever
Riding Orcas For Love
Roots Originate From the Lord.
Rights Of Fingering Lesbians
Rough Oriental Fuck Lashings
Rubbing Onto Frogs' Legs
Romping On Fish Lore
Ryan's Overdose in Fairy Land


Rolling on the floor laughing (boring as shit)
Me 'n Stu have ROFL


ROFL wasn't that bad after all!
by Erik 'n' Stu (plus Wes) October 30, 2004
A strangely sinister looking acronym.
by GCG December 01, 2003
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