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-A peice of poo that gets winded in your butthair. Causing you to sit for hours bent over in the mirror trying to untangle it.
-A peice of poop that hangs when you crap causing you to have to salsa dance on top of your toilet seat to get it off.
-Kaylee: I shat and got doo doo in my butthair. I had to untangle it for hours
Jane: We will go to the paurlor and get that shit trimmed.

-Rachel: I just learned how to salsa dance!
Mel: How?
Rachel: I had a dingleberry on my asshole so I had to salsa dance it off.
Mel: Oh thats how I learned how to salsa also!
by Zaralot October 10, 2011
Rofl means rolling on floor laughing.

Hence the R.O.F.L
But just like every other word from the internetz it has evolved in many ways such as roflmao meaning rolling on floor laughing my ass off. It has also seemed to evolve to food products such as rofl my waffle or rofl my brothel sprouts.
Jim: I had sex with a male donkey.
Delores: Rofl why?
Jim: Because sex with male donkeys are good luck
by Zaralot October 10, 2011

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