Rolling on the floor
JasonResno:ROFL (after a jokeK)
by JasonResno July 22, 2003
rolling on the floor laugnin (aim slang), ie. lol
by Randy [Blur] Robbins May 23, 2003
Really Off Fucking Lisa
Friend: Where you at? dials your cell #
You: I'm ROFL
by Joske August 23, 2005
Riding Old Freaky Lesbians.
Such as: My car wouldn't start, so I began ROFL to work.
by Guymandude February 24, 2005
means "rolling on floor laughing".
a dude called hubart ch4n actually says "rofl" and u must admit its pretty sad. YOU DONT SEE HIM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING DO YOU!
hub4rt ch4n: I R SO L33T
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
hub4rt ch4n: ROFL
by RANDOM October 26, 2003
it is lol but more funnier
for lol :
man - i fell over

woman - lol

for rofl

man - i shit my pants

woman - rofl
by lysander March 31, 2003
a term that is so funny whenever used in conversation, the conversation becomes remotely interesting

only countered by "no u"
Ed: yeah so i'm adopted
john: rofl n33b

bill: i saw your mum working the corner ROFL
denzel: no u
bill: FUCK
by taller than u kk ty February 04, 2009

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