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2 definitions by Tueskage

2. A text term used with mao that means "roll on the the floor" and mao which means "laughing my *** off" thus being together: "roll on the floor laughing my *** off"

1. It is also a term used for a helicopter.
guy 1: What do you call a dumb sports star?
guy 2: Dunno.
guy 1: Friggin' idiot. Gosh...
guy 2: roflmao! That's funny.

Cod4 player: My rofl copter gos swish swish swish swish
by Tueskage February 16, 2009
a word that is used as a sexual innuendo used to joke around and can get extremely annoying when your youth paster keeps you up till 3 a.m. saying "that's what she said jokes" at a 30 hour famine. WARNING!!! These jokes are not funny when said by females. Most females say the phrase obnoxiously and they do not know when a good time to say it is.
girls: My butt hurts!
guy: That's what she said!

(people talking about cabin seen on internet)
guy: It looked bigger on the internet.
Fuego(Chris): That's what she said!

(Girl saying the phrase)
girl A: That's supid.
girl B: That's what she said!
by Tueskage February 16, 2009