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ROFL, it's like a waffle, but funnier.
He ate that ROFL, that was a harsh joke.
by David December 21, 2003
it is lol but funnier
for lol :
man - i fell over

woman - lol

for rofl:
man - i shit my pants

woman - rofl
by mikeock March 17, 2005
ran over fat libyans
i was driving down the street while getting a blowjob by a guy and then i realised i rofl.
by frm_siren August 19, 2005
Ragnarok Online Fantasy Land

a private RO server hosted on #ROFantasy @ irc.xelium.net

Do not mix up with ROFL as in Rolling On Floor Laughing
Person A: "Hi, what have you been doing recently?"
Person B: "Nuffing much, playing some private RO servers."
Person A: "Really? What's the server called?"
Person B: "ROFL !!"
by Willy_Sunny August 01, 2003
A very stupid word created by some Internet GEEKS/NERDS meaning "Rolling On Floor Laughing". How can they still type when they're "ROFL" ???
Mingus: I am a hacker!!! I will install a virus in your computer right now!!!
Lawonda: OK! ROFL!
by Urban Dictionary September 06, 2003
Stands for Rocking Out Farting Loud
Used in many cases of drinking too much or too many beans.
Guy:Wow, I was totally R.O.F.L last night man.
Other Guy: Man, rock on!
by Wizzacko January 03, 2006
Rolling over Fucking laughing
Did you watch south park last night? Sooo funny i was r o f l!
by Ashley McLean October 15, 2007