A term used by angry drivers when there's no time and the navigator is being less than adequate for the purpose.

ROFL = (is that) Right! Or! Fucking! Left ??!!!
Navigator: I think we turn here somewhere. Oh there it is. No it's that one points in a vague way out of the line of sight of the driver Oh, this one way system has me so confused. Do you remember when we were ...

Driver as the crucial one-chance-only turning rapidly approaches: ROFL!! ROFL!!
see: lmao
lmao: see rofl
rofl: see lmao
by GH April 26, 2003
R.O.F.L=Rolling On Floor Laughing
boy:have you ever seen a llama on the floor doing a cartwheel while balancing three plates on his head?
by jen June 14, 2006
rolling on the floor laughing.
like when your drunk you do it.
but you use this on myspace+ msn instead of boring old lol.
Cool kids say it in everyday convo. *coughme*
person1: i fell off my chair yesterday
person2: rofl !
by ROFLROFL.xxx June 29, 2006
ROFL, it's like a waffle, but funnier.
He ate that ROFL, that was a harsh joke.
by David December 21, 2003
it is lol but funnier
for lol :
man - i fell over

woman - lol

for rofl:
man - i shit my pants

woman - rofl
by mikeock March 17, 2005
ran over fat libyans
i was driving down the street while getting a blowjob by a guy and then i realised i rofl.
by frm_siren August 19, 2005

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