To roll on the floor laughing hysterically.
The old man got hit in the balls with a football, so I began to ROFL.
by ProSLAYER! March 14, 2006
When someone says rofl at something you think isnt/ wasnt really that funny, you say this

Dudeguy1: ROFL!!
Dudeguy2: ur Rolling On Fat Ladies?
Dudeguy1: what, no? :|
Dudeguy2: Pwn3d biarch,
by Keeeleyy of Suburbiaaa December 11, 2008
ROfl is Fucking Lame. The word was first meant to be cool and was intended to actually express that your rolling on the floor laughing about something some dude said on the chat in your favorite game but it was soon picked up by nerds en complete nolifes. So by using the word your confirming your status as pathetic person with no social contacts except for your World Of Warcraft buddies far away on the other side of the planet.
Now by using the term in the new definition (check out examp how to use) in your favorite game you will proof to be a social guy with a very exciting life in reallife and you will get a lot of respect. Eventually with your help it will destroy the original meaning until just a small group still uses it in its original context. Then there will be room again to invent a better fresh sounding replacer for the word. Until then support me by using rofl in the new way!
Dude101:Haha he really got fucked man! his parts are all over the place!
Noob23:ROFL 0wn3d!
Coolguy66:Fuck off you nolife cheater >>ROFL!
by Blacklight3k January 11, 2009
It is an AIM term that stands for
Rolling On Floor Laughing
"omg.. you pooped your pants.. ROFL!!"
by Danny Bushkanets December 20, 2004
Rofl is roll on floor laughing as u may know but it is also the best experience in life. It beats sex, alcohol and marijuana.
OMFG its walshfuckin ROFL
OMFG its bumchin fuckin ROFL
OMFG its muy gordo fuckin ROFL
OMFG its chode king fuckin ROFL
OMFG its pot roast boy, what a tit
by Herman "the hash" Henderson. August 06, 2006
online internet expression, rolling on the floor laughing
Sam: is that ur cawk simon?
Pete: its so small!! rofl!!
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Often confused with the acronym: rolling on the floor laughing. However it acually means: rauncy orgasming fart lickers.

Thanks to AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses
user1:wow this video is great

user2:yeah, it's really great. ROFL-Rauncy orgasming fart lickers
by TGWTGfan December 21, 2008

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