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a term that came from the phrase "lego my ego" used online by mostly counter-strike players to express laughter
roffle my waffle you nub
by dony p August 05, 2005
A deviration of rofl, lengthened for the sake of humor. The term rofl is rhyming with the word waffle.
Joe: My brother is pregnant.
Bob: rofl my waffle
by sicnarf March 01, 2005
Rolling on the floor laughing whilst consuming a nice tasty waffle

prefrebly potato, with cheese. However, belgian waffles will surfice
Person 1 :"Yum, this waffle is tastetastic (tells well funny Joke)"

Person 2:LMAO!!!! LOLOLOL.

Person 1:Roflmywaffle.
by GETALIFEDOTCOM September 15, 2006
The process in which an individual tries to turn another individual on by seducing them with hard nipples like the point of a waffle cone.
"Asia I am going to rofl your waffle so good tonight" "Ohh yeah you can RoflMyWaffle tonight"
by Donaldiscol May 01, 2010
1)an exclamation of suprise.
2)an insult and a hint toward homosexuality....
1)The Pope's got cancer? Well ROFL my waffle!

2)hey baby why dont you come rofl my waffle and tongue my balls. I have syrup ;)
by OMG TEH HAX! February 28, 2005
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