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Like a pancake with syrup traps.
by Whitey October 05, 2003
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To shit on someone's laptop keyboard, then close the screen on it.
I locked my computer so no one could meatspin me, but I got waffled instead.

I just peeled this piece of shit off my keyboard and it looks like a waffle.
by The Weatherman May 06, 2008
The best breakfast food EVAR
waffles > pancakes
by bob May 31, 2004
The official morning after food. After sex, in place of akward silence, and before you hit the road. Like the Wonder Twins, they are often topped with lots of nummy substances. When you don't know what to say, simply suggest waffles.
Um, waffles?
by T. J. October 30, 2003
To talk unendingly, with no point to your conversation about totally idiotic things. Spamming on chat rooms is a case of waffling.
"You waffle something awful"
"What are you waffling about?"
by Andrew Kirkman January 12, 2006
The solution to mass hysteria
If the puritains ate waffles there would have been no Salem witch trails.
by Juancho September 17, 2006
1. Greatest anytime food ever. The king of the lesser pancake. Best with anything.

2. To have sexual relations with someone

3. A cigarette

4. Anything illegal

5. To flip-flop on descisions

6. To talk or write foolishly
1. "I want a waffle from the Waffle House!"

2. "we waffled hard last night"

3. "Man, I really need a waffle right about now..."

4. "HA I'm so high on this waffle right here!"

5. John Kerry waffles.

"Stop waffling biatch!"
by Craiggle Bear! April 01, 2007

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