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Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Your so dumb, ROFL.
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
The action of "Reaching Over For Lemons"
This is used when one sees that the neighbour has a lemon tree.
Mom: "Charlie can you please go and ROFL some lemons?"
Charlie "They might catch me ROFLing" >.<
by Shanayna Pah-Mesha January 10, 2010
A food that looks very similar to a waffle.

The name's origin is from the popular internet acronym meaning "rolling on (the) floor laughing". When pronounced out loud it rhymes with waffle ("RAW-ful"). Although on the outside it resembles a waffle, the inside is filled with the syrup instead of making people pour it on the outside.

But, when it was invented, the syrup had ingredients in it that are used in drugs. In fact, it was meant to BE a drug. People would get tricked into buying them to see what this new design for a waffle was like, but in fact, they were taking drugs. It made people get high and then get addicted. But barely anyone actually noticed that it could be dangerous, because the drug ingredients made them too high to think it could be dangerous. This was how it got its name.

Eventually, people started getting sick and dying. People sued the rofl company, and it went out of buissness. But the doctors had so many patients, and many of them died. Doctors were running out of treatment for patients. Most people got rid of all remaining rofls they had, but some still wanted them. They started making their own, which soon became illegal.

A few people liked the idea of how rofls were designed, and rofls were made with normal syrup. But because of the rofl scare, people wouldn't buy them. That new company (Rofl Inc.) still exists today with a few people who buy them, but because of the unpopularity, people are still wondering how the company is still running. Many people have suggested renaming it so people wouldn't be confused, but rofls still have the same name they did when they were dangerous.
I'll never look at the term "rofl" the same way again.
by ??^?? June 04, 2008
something used when u are laughing so hard and instead of lol u use rofl.
<tengodishes>ROFL i compare with friends too.
by ArB October 14, 2004
Roll over floor laughing a cominly used saying in instant messaging
you farted

by insane maniac June 11, 2008
Roll On the Floor Laughing

sounds kinda like a dog's name
Come here, Rofl! 've got a biscuit for you!
by Ai-chan April 21, 2008
ROFLMAOL:Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Loudly
Player 1:Dude, I just pwnd a lvl 5 with a ultmate dragon axe of greatness
Player 2:ROFLMAOL!!!
by AuraSaint November 10, 2007