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Used by ZoeOnAOL to describe laughing.
Means "Rolling on floor laughing out loud".
Suggested use : Never.
ZoeOnAOL: ROFLOL! Now you've got ME going!
Me: ...stfu
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
246 74
to roll on the floor laughing out loud
whoa that cars flying down the street!
hahaha *roflol*
by Anthony Wods February 13, 2007
62 49
'Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud' to show great amusement in a particular subject
Someone falls off a chair and you say roflol
by lolzoz May 07, 2010
15 5
rolling on the floor laughing out loud...self explanatory
Ryan: Ha, ha ,ha Kyle totally ripped his pants
Tommy: i saw that too! ROFLOL!
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
20 16
Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
I told clyde roflol when he told a funny story.
by x-lolgirl-X May 11, 2008
27 28
Running around full of laughter over lemonade
Check that fat bitch put her shnitz in that guys mouth!! Good thing I have some lemonade!
by Iron James January 26, 2004
37 121