ROFL is text/chat language for Rolling on floor laughing
Friend: I just face faceplanted into a pile of horse shit

Me: Ahahaha ROFL
by dwyer000 May 04, 2012
Rofl means rolling on floor laughing.

Hence the R.O.F.L
But just like every other word from the internetz it has evolved in many ways such as roflmao meaning rolling on floor laughing my ass off. It has also seemed to evolve to food products such as rofl my waffle or rofl my brothel sprouts.
Jim: I had sex with a male donkey.
Delores: Rofl why?
Jim: Because sex with male donkeys are good luck
by Zaralot October 10, 2011
The act of laughing so hard that you pee a little bit.
Isaiah- "Did you see Jez trip over that bench?"
Micah- "Yeah, I ROFLed!"
by CountryBoy95 August 01, 2011
ROFL is an internet acronym meaning R.olling O.n the F.loor L.aughing
did u hear? she failed the exam last week!!! ROFL
by WOAHkupkakez100 July 06, 2010
Rolls on floor laughing - usually used in chatrooms when a chat user wishes to express they are laughing uncontrollably, but in actual fact they are sat on their chair hand on dick. chatroom:

Chubbyguy says: I'm horny!
Chinagirl says: Indeed
Chubbyguy says: Rofl
by Demon666Icuz July 22, 2009
Is A Word That The letters make up different words these words are

Dude That stunt on youtube was so funny it made me ROFL
by JoeyyBoii April 16, 2009
Stands for "Rolling On Flaming Llamas".
Last night I was ROFL, and...
by Wubillubiubam April 04, 2011

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