Rock On Fuckin' Loser.
Ginny: I'm about to headbang! This song is so rad!

Eric: ROFL.
by Ivana Yamama June 03, 2009
An acronym for "Rolling on (the)
Floor Laughing", meaning they are
well past Laughing Out Loud.
Usually used in chatrooms, MMOG's,
and sometimes in real life.
Ashley: Guess what.

Jeff: What?

Ashley: Chicken butt!

Jeff: ROFL!
by Exfealest February 25, 2009
Used commonly in msn or texting; like lol, lmao and lmfao
Example 1:
Samantha: so, what did you get for halloween?
me: nothing, i was at my friend's party. she did have a bucket of candy though that we ate.
Samantha:not a bag, but a bucket:P
me: yup. a big, orange, bucket. rofl...hahahahahaha :)
Example 2 (thanks for this example goes to my friends Holly and Becca)
Holly (in a funny voice, almost like she just inhaled helium): ROFL!
me and becca: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah! (meanwhile we have to sit down, because we are almost literally, rofling)
by beecccaaa November 01, 2008
2. A text term used with mao that means "roll on the the floor" and mao which means "laughing my *** off" thus being together: "roll on the floor laughing my *** off"

1. It is also a term used for a helicopter.
guy 1: What do you call a dumb sports star?
guy 2: Dunno.
guy 1: Friggin' idiot. Gosh...
guy 2: roflmao! That's funny.

Cod4 player: My rofl copter gos swish swish swish swish
by Tueskage February 16, 2009
Rolling Off Fat Lines
Rolling On Fat Lines.

When you're rolling balls off a fat line of chemical substance, most likely mdma or mda.
by d-Loc the thizznugget August 11, 2010
Revolutionary Offensive for French Liberalism denotes a funny situation becuse such a group if they did exist would be utterly useless and ineffective despite their impressive name.
The ROFL is not an elite guerilla squad just a bunch of pansies with a flag...a white one at that! ROFL
by P. Kaltenbach January 31, 2008
The worst of all acronyms, the "rofl" came about in the later 90's decade when the teens took over instant messaging and things became funnier and funnier, people were no longer "laughing out loud" they were actually rolling on the floor laughing. damn those some losers
xxrazorscooterxx-damn cindy yous a fine girl
hotgirl34234234234-rofl, i weigh 343 dummie.
by robert cummings April 22, 2004

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