In theory, RIAA means Recording Industry Association of America.

In reality, the RIAA is an organization who have ripped off its membership and we consumers for decades. The RIAA are a bunch of fascists who will not embrace the digital market, and would rather force everybody into paying high, overpriced markups on a CD or a single song on an album...from 1975...that's barely in print. And even if they do embrace legal digital downloads, they won't give out the full category of music, then they want to jack prices up for downloading the music that is available to continue thier racket and profiteering scheme.

They don't give a damn about the people buying the music, much less the ones making the music. To acheved that end, they will threaten to sue you for $750 on one song, then try to make you settle, and still walk away with more cash in their pocket, rather than distrubuting cash to the songwriter, artist, band, or whomever had a hand in the actual creative process. In short, RIAA really means Rich Indignant Assholes of America (That Happen to Work in the Music Industry), and they are the cancer on the very industry they claim to protect. The greedy-ass motherfuckers.
The RIAA can take their $25 CD's, $8 Singles and their desire to raise prices on iTunes, and shove it up their ass. Fuck 'em.
by vcthree October 12, 2005
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This organization represents the artists, right? WRONG! We don't get a cent from our works thanks to the RIAA, and the only way we can get by is to stage concerts, which is a risk because that sometimes costs us more than what we can afford. Supposedly the RIAA is trying to protect other peoples' works from being "pirated", but in reality, the RIAA destroys 1/3 of the music CDs not sold, counts that as "Lost Sales", and rewrites it to "Lost Sales caused by Piracy". If anything, piracy actually HELPS us a lot because more people listen to our music and decide whether it's worth keeping or not. The RIAA just keeps on resisting changes in technology, and has even gone to the point of suing the poor, the children, and the college students, all who make up a large percentage of its customers.
I encourage everyone to share and trade music because that's the best way folks like me can ever be known beyond our towns.
by frustrated musician May 21, 2003
Rich irragant ASsholes who have no life but to fuck up everyone elses by makin p2p illegal. click on my start if you think that RIAA are gay!
by PdAwG October 26, 2003
Record Industry Assholes of America.
Rich Idiots Abusing Artists.
Really Irritating Anal Aneurisms
Raping Independent Artists Anally
Record Industry Always Antagonizes

The record industry's re-enactment of George Orwell's "1984". The evil entity that controls 90% of all music in America, and a rapidly-growing percentage of music worldwide. The oppressor of real musicians, and those who are tired of paying ridiculous prices for 1-good-song/14-shitty-songs CDs. Thanks to the RIAA, musicians can't profit from their works until 75+ years after they are dead.
Fuck the RIAA! I can't even post my own goddamn MP3s on my website without them trying to sue my ass off!
by AYB February 09, 2003
Recording Industry Association of America. An archaic, unnecessary conglomerate that uses bullying tatics to scare people into thinking that they (the RIAA) have a right to exist and to be respected.
Fuck the RIAA!
by Elohim August 21, 2003
Guess what, guys and gals. The RIAA KNEW that optical disks (CDs/DVDs) have an average life span of less than 20 years, yet they STILL pushed for the DMCA. Now they are aggressively trying to destroy p2p/peer-to-peer and the MP3 audio format because they DON't want people to know, for their profits are at stake.
I bought a CD in 1988 and now it doesn't play properly because the plastic layers are basically rotten. Now I can't even try to download replacements of te songs I had on that CD without being sued by the RIAA.

I've been assraped by the RIAA again!!!! They told me that the CD would be a permanent replacement to the cassette, the 8 track, and the vinyl.
by music fan May 05, 2004
The reason why the quality of music is going down the toilet. The organization that kills off any chance of innovation and originality in the music world by enforcing ITs own standards as to what IT thinks music is supposed to be, and charging ridiculous prices just to play your music.
Forget the RIAA. The Internet is a more reliable way to get your music heard.
by independent artists unite! April 02, 2003
1 word: Assholes
I hate the RIAA
by Mike November 08, 2003
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