See bastard, piss ant, uncle fucker. Basically a bunch of cock sucking executives claiming they represent musicians, but they're really fucking them up the ass.
I have the fucking RIAA. Cocksuckers.
by Fuck the RIAA September 03, 2003
Asswhores. All the RIAA ppl are ASSWHORES.
Those RIAA people are complete asswhores.
by Taylor December 24, 2003
The Microsoft of the music world.
The RIAA is in the business of using other people's work to make money and take all the credit, all the while suing those who do not comply with "their" way.
by jt July 13, 2003
The RIAA is comprised of media moguls whose primary function is control of all content pertaining to commercial radio and television. And now they want to control the internet.
Don't let them!
Take a closer look at who these media moguls actually are - the vast majority are Zionists. Strange but true.
by Heather C. F. August 15, 2005
The Recording Industry Association of American. A bunch of useless twunts who will be first against the wall when the post-scarcity revolution comes.
Fuck the RIAA.
by Jon February 22, 2003
also rhymes with gonorrhea.
Once upon a night I met a girl named Magarita,
Sitting on a street corner of North Montpelier,
Paid her 60 bucks so I could fuck her wet vagina,
Rode her like a bicycle, and got a free hummer,
But oh, silly me, I forgot to glove my weaner,
Now it hurts to pee cos I got Gono-RIAA!
by fuck the RIAA February 19, 2003
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