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Rich irragant ASsholes who have no life but to fuck up everyone elses by makin p2p illegal. click on my start if you think that RIAA are gay!
by PdAwG October 26, 2003
A game were you take turns kicking each other in the balls till one guy falls down the out come of the game is usualy won after the first round by the person going first
by Pdawg September 24, 2003
petition passed round for signature
This has nothing to do with the bird. Robin in this expression is a corruption of the French ruban, meaning 'ribbon'.In 17th and 18th century France, there was a good deal for the average peasant to complain about, but complaining to the King in particular was not a good idea. The monarch's usual reaction to a petition from his subjects was to seize the first two or three signers and have them beheaded. Not wishing to lose their heads, but bent nonetheless on petitioning for justice, clever peasants came up with the expedient of signing their names on the petition in a circle, like a ribbon. That way, no one's name came first, and, assuming that there were hundreds of signatures on the petition, it was impractical for the King to punish all the signers. A similar method was adopted by disgruntled sailor in the 18th century British Royal Navy, another institution not known for welcoming criticism. Sailors often signed their names to a petition like the spokes of a wheel, so that no one of them could be considered the leader of a mutiny and hanged.
by Pdawg September 17, 2003
To kick Dinesh's ass and steal his bitch. Usually for purposes of taking said bitch to high school prom. Sometimes also used in reference to Taiwanese persons who have a tendency to say "shiee" and "yiee" and "wut da butt". Friendly yet in Northern California and often unavailable for enjoyment.
Dude Mengkai totally Mengkai'd Dinesh and took Cozort to the prom. I can't believe he totally Mengkai'd and ended up in California, though.
by Pdawg January 07, 2005
The pimpedest jero in the land. Used to bless TAMS with his presence but now he pimps the streets.
Sampa B is the penultimate pimp. He boned Tiffany.
by Pdawg January 07, 2005
an English English slang term for Wow

or ur say it like enstead of o shit u say o sanbo!
by PdAwG September 11, 2003

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