A bunch of retarded music industry democrats who sue the entire country while sucking Bill Clinton's dick.
The RIAA's breath smells like Bill Clinton's dick.
by Steve October 18, 2003
a gay ass corporation that is ruining the use of music. the riaa seems to think that music is a material object and that all p2p networks are like theifs.
this one time i was playing a song i wrote at a live concert, and the riaa still shut it down
by Endless War2 February 13, 2007
The RIAA (I don't need to tell you what it stands for) used to be helpful. They decided what the speed for the vinals should be, and that was important. Now, however, they sue people for stealing songs from them. I spent more money on music now that I got a few songs from P2P. I baught a few ramones CDs that I enjoy thanks to P2P. The RIAA stops opportunities like these by sueing people, (mostly uploaders) for thousands of dollars mercilesly. I read from an excellent source that the RIAA sued a 12 year old girl for about 15k. I honestly doubt the RIAA gave the artist that had their music "stolen" the 15 grand. THAT's stealing.

All in all, I'd define the RIAA as efficient robbers.
The RIAA sued a preteen. I hope they enjoyed the fat cigars they baught with that money.
by PunkorNot April 25, 2005
A branch of the Nazi Party.
Better not download that song. The RIAA Nazis will get you!
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
A fucked up menace to humanity that sues people just for whistling the "Happy Birthday" song while allowing Puff Daddy to make millions of dollars from ripping off other people's songs.
Some representatives of the RIAA ruined my birthday party by arresting my relatives and taking away my karaoke radio.
by Mad Cat MechWarrior February 19, 2003
Simply, a fucked up organisation. Those litigious bastards don't give musicians a single cent for each copy of their CDs sold, and with MP3s becoming a more and more popular format each day, now they're even suing the musicians for posting their own sodding MP3s on the net, just for the sake of making money by the billions and billions. Seriously, how fucked up is that? Piracy and MP3 actually help musicians get recognised, and as I'm a musician I should know this. But, as usual, the RIAA doesn't give a shit.
The RIAA is just another corporate-whore making puppets out of politians. Now that the lawsuit cases and policies made their popularity plunge down, I guess they've worked hard enough just to shoot themselves in the foot. LOL
by tritium July 16, 2004
To sue or to institute proceedings against (a person) for redress of grievances.
I'm going to RIAA you for using my copyrighted material!
by Actionsketch December 04, 2005

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