America's financial terrorist organization whom make hypocritical/ironic statements. They also feed lies to the public, such as blaming the decline of sales solely on filesharing in order to receive more support while suing the fuck out of their own customers.
The RIAA's uproar concerning pornography on file-sharing networks is retarded, for they market pornography to 12-year-olds via MTV and radio on a daily basis.
by mevyhetal October 18, 2003
Money-grabbing, moronic idiots.
"Fuck the RIAA" is the only cliche that will never get boring as long as the corrupt, corperate losers still exist.
by July 16, 2004
From what I heard, and by looking at the number of people who bootleg their shit, it would take the RIAA about 7200 years to successfully sue everybody.
I can imagine that in the year 8327, the RIAA digs up the bones of Joe Shmoe and sues whats left of him $700 for each of the 40,000 MP3s he used to listen to. LOL.
by bored September 04, 2003
Who are they: A bunch of money hungry basterds with their thumbs up their asses. They sue little children for downloading music they wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

Why are they doing this: One day, one of the money hungry bastards couldn't get his mansion's floor platinum plated and had to settle for gold. At the time file sharing was the exact excuse they needed. Little do they know of the other options avaible. But I'm not a narc so I won't mention them.

Why are they being bashed: Lets get something straight, bird. Sure you can pirate music on a P2P program. But put lets it this way and say "a file sharing program is marvelous thing, where people can distribute their songs, poetry, pictures and videos and open people up to new things and ideas." Now is it so bad? Well that’s just what a file sharing program is, just not on that scale. The only P2P programs the RIAA knows about is Kazaa, eMULE and bittorrent (which is a torrent). Not to mention they are corrupt, the government caters to them, and they ruin children's lives. If anything file sharing has opened me up to bands, which I wouldn’t have bought the CDs anyways. Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Weird Al and more over time; since Napster came out, and then we had Metalica who sold out

What is being done: Nothing really, just us citizens struggling.
The RIAA is a money hungry corporation.
by rivid September 07, 2004
A bunch of mindless jerks who rival Scientology in suing the fuck out of everybody.
by fencehog February 12, 2003
Seemingly stupid aswell as Ignorant group of Executives who consider protecting there artists in which they're not really but rather protecting there paychecks try to take down ingenius file sharing networks in which there authors have studied to make rather than Jay Z who studied while smoking crack. Ironic how they are now trying to sue the very people who bought and still buy there albums. They consider file sharing a threat because greedily they think, "If everybody bought this music we could make more money", when really it's material that wouldn't be purchased in the first place and if they ever do successfuly shut down any network if not all networks they'll see that.
Mr. XXX please rise for your hearing, XXX against Recording industry of America.
by archphase July 21, 2003
The biggest terrorist group in the United States which is, unfortunately, being supported by the government.
The RIAA's subpoenas, propaganda, malicious witch-hunts, and ridiculously expensive lawsuits are soon going to come back and bite its ass.
by WhatTheFUCK?!?!!? September 12, 2003

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