An urban version of Long Island. A pretty boring place, I stay out except for Laguardia and JFK.
Manhattan is urban, Queens is suburban, and Upstate Nassau is rural.
by Jared March 23, 2005
A band that backmasked "It's fun to smoke marijuana" in one of their most famous songs.
Hey, dude, if you listen to Another One Bites the Dust by Queen backwards, you hear "It's fun to smoke marijuana."
by Rizel June 21, 2006
Queen was NOT the first band to top the charts with a song over 5 minutes you moron! what about hey jude with the beatles? that was number one for like 4 weeks. queen was good but don't overrate them.
queen is easy come easy go, little high little low
by Tom Lane November 16, 2005
The best university in Canada, and quite possibly North America
"The Golden Gaels ROCK!"
by Oil Thigh September 08, 2003
Located in Kingston, Ontario, it is the top university in Canada, boasting some of the best undergraduate and graduate programs in the world. The Queen's Commerce program only accepts the best and the brightest and its graduates are the business leaders of the future. Its MBA program is one of the best in the world.
If I can get into Queen's, I will surely be a success.
by Qcom April 06, 2005
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