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10 definitions by baugh

scatology is the study of shit. this ,of course, would include the smell,taste,and touch, of not only human, but animal shit as well.
hello, I am Joe and I am at freshman at Pinchaloaf University and my major is Scatology.
by baugh July 03, 2004
the act of a girl sitting on your face.
last night my girlfriend queened me.
by baugh March 27, 2004
Slang for fisting one up the ass.
When we got back to my place I asked her if she would be interested in some corn knuckling.... she said yes.
by baugh May 30, 2004
to fuck one up the ass.
She asked me to cornhog her.
by baugh March 27, 2004
A sawhorse is the act of a man jacking off while sitting on a womens back.
after banging the hell out of my wifes ass, I said, "Hey baby, how about a sawhorse." Without hesitation, she said please.
by baugh November 10, 2004
this is when a man sits down (usually w/ tight jeans on) w/ his balls spread having one ball on his left and one on his right separtated by his cock stem.
When Tony sat down I could clearly see he had some camal ball action going on.
by baugh November 10, 2004
a blind hog is a cock w/ shit clogged in the pee hole due to ass fucking.
I had a blind hog after fucking her in the ass.
by baugh March 27, 2004