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British Term :-
The act of a woman sitting on her subserviants face for the majority of the day.
Also known as throning
Man shes into kinky shit she likes S&M and queening
by Gavin May 22, 2004
462 85
All Canadian citizens can call 1-800-OCANADA and order 5 portraits of the queen, they are entitled to this. Queening is the next step after getting a girl in bed. Once you have that bitch wrapped around your finger, you get her to call up the hotline, order up the queens and when they arrive you have her give them to you; taking what's entitled to her. Then you leave her, for good. It's an emotional forgery that was created for the sole purpose of getting these pictures.

Can be used in past tense as "queened"
e.g. "I totally queened that girl I met on new years."
"Yo, are you still dating that one girl?"
"Dating, no I was just queening that bitch"
"Awe, fuck yeah"
"Yeah bro, got the portraits and now I have her majesty looking over me in the bedroom AND the bathroom"
by jacwa123 January 14, 2014
5 9
Jumping upon someone's face and rubbing your genitals in their hair in a defiling manner. May be followed by a ploughing
Hagan is going to get a harsh queening
by school May 11, 2007
76 144
The act of being a drama queen. Male or female.
We are in the hotel but Bobby Cross is being such a drama queen. Let's go back to my room. There's no queening down there. Stop queening.
by Cookeville February 05, 2011
33 107
Advancing upon a female adversary and resting ones cock and balls upon their head in a tiara fashion.
The final touch is considered victory sauce which is obtained after ejaculation.
Hey man you busy?

Kind of, I'm busy queening Abbey
by DreCon February 22, 2010
44 129
A choice act when a male /female produces a genatal spray or guss over ones partners head in a circular motion
would you like to queen me
by mandolin April 06, 2004
51 181