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to send a text, update your facebook, twitter, myspace or any other internet social network status while sitting upon the toilet.
i was throning my facebook status when all of a sudden it was time to flush.
by shatz mcnasty December 16, 2009
"From the Norwegian word “tronet”. It's the act of sitting as you would on a throne, looking like you own the world."
"Miss Cam was throning at the end of the table, attention fully on a book ('Courtship For EvilDoers: The Do and Don'ts')."
by Miss Cam January 10, 2005
A sex position similar to reverse cowgirl, but when the male is sitting in a chair
Guy: duuude you will never believe what my gf did last night, we tried throning and it was hott
by blackforce832 May 22, 2013
During a gay 3-some, the act of one participant receiving a blow job whilst simultaneously being rimmed. Guaranteed to make the recipient feel like a king.
Larry could not take the smile off his face. His grin was almost as wide as his legs had been whilst throning with Mike and Ste.
by Xtra Special Needs May 12, 2008
To sit, completely relaxed, while in or on top of something which takes serious climbing (or other type) skill.
We were all talking on the street corner when we noticed Corbin throning atop the streetlight.
by Crafty the Tiger August 16, 2007

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