Like its said before “the illezt “ town in NYC. A place you never seemed to be really bored. A place where every damn race or ethnicity seems to converge. Broken up into three sections, The Indian/Asian part, The Whitey Part, and The Hispanic part and you’ve been to all three. With a rival stores within a block range from each other like BK and McDonalds on the same damn block. Where your proud to show your true colors and proud to tell everyone where you came from. Living here its most likely that you have friends who are Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Black and White. Here we got the best food out of ANYWHERE, cause Bitch we got EVERY kind of food here! Here, you can be who ever you want to be, Gansta, Skater, Goth or just normal, doesn’t matter! Here is where you make the best memories of your life. We have the best of the best, no doubt bout that.
Guy: Yo bitch, where you from?
Girl: Jackson Heights motherfucker!
Guy: Dayum!
by Tommy (the silly bitch) November 14, 2006
illezt town in nyc
omg i want to fucken move to jackson heights
by gunz September 05, 2003

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