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The term for a woman who has a lower back tattoo. The theory is that a woman who rocks the lowerback tatt, she has been the the presence of at least 25 penises in her sexual lifetime. Hence the name, Quarter Back.

**Note - If said woman appears to be of loose moral fiber, the term Half Back can apply. Half Back = 50 dicks.
"Oh man... check that chick out... fierce Quarter Back!"
by El Capitan Zimmy August 25, 2006
24 7
1. The leader of a football game. 2. the sexiest person on the field. 3.The most important person on the field. Throws TD passes and is often the hero. Known as a whimp. but gets more pussy than any other position. the pimp. gets all cheerleaders
All of the girls were trying to get the quarterback to have sex with them.
The quarterback walked into the club and the cheerleading team flocked to him.
by kaareem July 17, 2006
40 34
The gayest person on the football team who scoots up to the rear end of another male, to reach between his legs, grab his brown ball, and goes into a layout position.
Quarterback male for junior high, high school or professional player of the game of football.
by auntyball March 29, 2010
18 18
Sexual partner i.e. Whoever you're sexually involved with. A girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, lover.
She's my little quarterback, cause I'm all that in the sac (bedroom).
by Blackburg November 22, 2007
17 23
Hot guys who get madd girls
Jackie wants to get with that quarterback named Matt
by jackie wants me December 27, 2006
15 23
Smoking pot as you come down off of a previous high so that by the time the first high fades out, you are high again.
"If I quarterback enough times, I will last through the entire How It's Made marathon."
by j.town.down August 16, 2008
3 13
a drug dealer, someone selling drugs
listen to e 40s quarterbackin
by e fonzarelly March 23, 2006
22 32