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pitchin, grindin; to hustle, slang, or push (illegal drugs); used in reference to a quarterbacks primary role in the context of a team as one who supplies teammates with the object of desire.
Dont get caught quarterbackin on the avenue.
by Im yo Pusha.. May 07, 2004
An e-40 song, about hustling on the streetz
If you're the leader of your squad and you're the team captain, then you're quarterbackin
by hector fernandez September 08, 2004
To Hustle, Slang Yay or Ice on the Block. Dubbed by that man E-40 the Ambassador of the bay.
Yo man that nigga right there has been quarterbackin' all night makin crazy ass loot off these tweakers.
by Big Joe AKA that Nagger July 08, 2003
An East Coast term for having sex doggy style.
I really get into quarterbackin with the ho in my hood.
by whatsamattawityou August 20, 2009
The act of wiping your ass
Knock Knock; (Bathroom door)

Hold on, I'm quarterbackin I'll be right out.
by keith August 09, 2003
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