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Term for a homosexual couple.
Due to loneliness Jorge is interested in becoming a third party in a batman and robin sexcapades.
by red21dragon January 21, 2005
A person that distributes illegel drugs.
Hoyt: after smoking angel dust Who are you?
Alonzo: I'm the zig-zag man, who the fuck are you?
Hoyt: I'm a cop.
Alonzo: Watch out... don't shoot nobody.
by red21dragon February 03, 2005
a statement used when you want to ask a girl if you can see her privates.
Hey Lisa give me pink baby!!!!
by red21dragon February 03, 2005
another term form of the verb "to plan"
Yo shutup!!! Let me quarterback this thing.
by red21dragon February 03, 2005
When a person internally ejaculates on a woman or a man.
Alonzo: But, I don't believe you. You tapped that ass, didn't you. C'mon, tell the truth, you know you tapped that ass. You put her in the backseat, BAM. Code-X.
by red21dragon February 03, 2005
A term originated in Mexican prisons. A train consists of 7 to 10 men (usually of Mexican heritage) "having their way" on a weaker more vulnerable man. Damaged sphicter and colon are common results of a Mexican train.
Ramon and his group "Familia De Cinqo", have given a new degenerate prisoner named Randy the experience of a mexican train.
by red21dragon January 21, 2005

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