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A certified and trained prostitute of the mind, who naturally charges for his/her services by the hour.
Dr. Sigmund Freud
by nethcev! April 28, 2004
293 116
A person licensed by the state with a doctoral degree. Psychologists assess and treat people's mental health.
Dr. Weschler was a great psychologist.
by Dr. Jonesy March 07, 2009
146 62
Ordinary people who went to college for about 10 years after high school just to be able to listen to lunatics bitch all day long. They also have a shitload of student loans. A good movie that illustrates a Doctor's struggles in this profession is called "What about Bob?".
Some of my favorite Psychologists are:

1. Wilhelm Wundt
2. BF Skinner
3. John B Watson
by psychology nerd July 16, 2011
54 43
1. Friend-for-pay.
2. A pathological liar.
3. A better and happier person than the patient.
I was driving when I saw a psychologist.
by Count Dooko August 20, 2005
178 172
Aha! There goes another useless psychologist!
by victorhadin March 27, 2003
89 105
A person who is payed mass amounts of money to listen to people talk about their feelings, but didn't go to school long enough to be allowed to prescribe the drugs they usually give out as a bribe for going to the shrink (go to a psychiatrist for that). Office characterized by overstuffer/ understuffed chairs and boogers under the waiting room tables. Usually has no life whatsoever and solves other people's lifes for a living because they cannot solve thir own problems, but will feel as if they have no control over the world unless they can control someone's life, ie, yours if you are unlucky enough to be dragged into a shrink's office.
Psychologists cause people mass amounts of phobia and are therefor completely useless and daft, seeing as they existr solely to solve others' phobias.
by random chick got bored March 06, 2006
60 79
Often shady/sleazy/stupid. Often it's in their best interest that you keep seeing them.. Most are more screwed up than their clients they are supposed to help. Just because a human ape has a couple letters behind their name doesnt mean they stop being an ape.
Beth has a Phd in Psychology. She basically got it by blowing and licking the whole faculty. Just like she did for her Dad/brothers. She has more issues than a 45 year old crackwhore, yet is entrusted with others mental health. Dont trust her, just fuck her thats all shes good for.
by real deal October 23, 2003
61 82