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Penis, best used with a mock german accent
{woman walks in all sexy}

Bill: Oh mein wilhelm ist so erect!
Bob: Ja i have ze boner
John: What the fuck is wrong with you guys...
by BlueAndroid August 12, 2014
Synonym: A man-boy with a chode-like penis that is in the shape of a ram's horn.
Girl: "My boyfriend is Wilhelm, whenever he gets erect, his trousers look like a Willy Wonka lollipop."
by Earnshaw December 14, 2014
1. A German name which is also equivelent to the name Wilson. Also means Will Helmet.
2. A slang term for the Wilhelm Scream
- Hey Mr. Wilson...what is your address?
-I told you that it is Mr. Wilhelm!

-I love the band A Wilhelm Scream!
-So you love Wilhelm?
by Nero the Great June 04, 2008
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