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something that has been found to be of high quality, something that is both excellent and somewhat esoteric.
the doom band brien just started is fucking certified.
by Reincremation July 28, 2006
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to be absolutely ON ONE. Just generally trippin', tweakin' out, jacked up, or crazy. Not necessarily due to drugs.
Could also mean on the right amount of drugs and alcohol to be on a whole new social level of whacked out.
Or a legit crazy person.
“You see Dukes rip his shirt apart on the dance floor when 0 to 100 came on last night? Homeboy was certified.”

"Wow. Jessica getting jealous of Nick and Sarah when she's not even hooking up with him. Certified."
by Trillbo Baggins February 11, 2015
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2.completed sex-ed(sexual education)
3.approved of not being terrible in bed
"My boyfriend certified me."
"I am certified in sex-ed."
"I think YOU're the one that has to certify ME.
by lindsey June 04, 2003
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