being lazy and masturbating to get rid of boredom
At least they're working... while I'm just sitting here, procrasturbating
by rvelloso51 June 17, 2015
procrasturbating is when you don't feel like doing something so you masturbate instead.

Procrasturbating- Yuuki Kimura
I can't really be bothered to do this, I might just procrasturbate. I like procrasturbating.
by Yuuki bear November 18, 2013
the act of rubbing one out while avoiding doing things you actually need to do.
i was supposed to be on my way to work, but i was too busy procrasturbating to hairy backs and arms fetish videos on the internet.
by ctrlfreq June 13, 2012
Procrastinating by the act of masturbating.
"Hey dude, my mom caught me procrasturbating so now I have to go finish my homework...and start attending church again"
by D-daii March 25, 2010
The act of jerking off as a way of putting off schoolwork or other shitty, unpleasant tasks.
He could have finished his projects but he spent all of his time procrasturbating.
by Procrastibator69 May 20, 2011
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